Tony Vingerhoets lives and works in China as a professional photographer. He is based in Beijing. After a career as an art director at a renowned Dutch design company he decided to seek out a new challenge and moved to China where he has established himself as a successful photographer with a wide range of skills. Besides commercial photography he travels throughout the country capturing the idiosyncrasies of urban and rural life.


Last decade he photographed the enormous changes in the country as a result of its economic success. China is now the world’s biggest market of luxury goods and its peerless dynamism is nowhere as well reflected as in the urban metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai. This is testified by the numerous spectacular buildings, stunning cityscapes and fashionable people in these cities that Tony has captured.


Tony’s images stand out in composition, clarity, detail, color and contrast. It’s not only the way he shoots subjects but also his unique editing style and technique. His work will set your products and services apart from the competition. He has been fostered in an entrepreneurial environment and knows quality is essential for building businesses.

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